April 16, 2019 Joel Mieske

Earth Day is coming! 8 ways to build a bit of environmental stewardship into your day.

Earth Day is coming…so what does that mean for all of us? The opportunity to reflect on our environmental impact and to be proactive about simple and small yet effective ways to be good caretakers of creation! Below are 8 suggestions to be intentional environmental stewards. Try a few out and see what kind of impact they make in your life.


shovel in the dirt with green sprouts around it

Plant a Tree

 It is Earth Day after all…there’s something wonderful about digging the hole, dropping in a little tree, pushing the dirt back over and watering the little oxygen creator. You just planted a living thing that will help countless people. Trees are cool!


Fresh onions, carrots and beets in a basket in front of a garden

Grow Your Own Food

Just like planting a tree, there’s a great sense of accomplishment from growing, nurturing and then HARVESTING your own food. You know where it’s been, it didn’t take any more resources beyond your own hard word to get it to your table.


Diverse hands holding up balloon letters to spell the word DONATE

Donate what you don’t need 

Just bought picked something new up that you absolutely love?   Have a quick look at the things that you’re no longer using, rather then sending them to the curb find a thrift shop to drop them off at (we know a few…*hint**hint*). On top of that you’re helping someone else find their new favourite thing and contributing to a great cause.


Treat yourself! Buy the high quality item

We all have those items that we dream about, but often can’t justify spending THAT much on so we buy cheap alternatives…maybe a couple of them. Sometimes the higher price tag comes along with higher quality, more robust materials, beautiful design, a perfect fit and more longevity. So why not invest in something that you’ll hang on to for a long time because it’s something you love?


hands exchanging an apple in front of a farmer's market stand

Shop Local or direct from Farmers 

  There are foods that we can’t grow in our backyards (though, where there’s a will, there’s a way!). For those items consider supporting a local business or direct from the grower to cut way down on the resources and fuel needs to get items from the farm to your table. Plus you’re supporting and growing your community.


Have your groceries delivered

   Think about this for a second…if 10 families or individuals all had their groceries delivered, they get delivered by one truck. By using only 1 truck those folks don’t need to use their cars to drive there and drive back from the store. The convenience factor is also great. Grocery delivery can definitely be a luxury but it can also be a great decision for conservation.


Black canvas bag hanging on a wooden coat rack in front of a gray and white wall 

Use Reusable Bags when you go out

  Long Story Short…avoid plastic when you can avoid plastic. Reusable bags are always useful. Leave one in your backpack, car, at your desk or hang a few up by the front door at home. It’s guaranteed to come in handy and won’t contribute to the landfill.


 DIY No Sew t-shirt bag

Take and old shirt and make new ‘Rags’ or Bags

   We’ve all got those shirts that are maybe a little bit past their prime…or maybe a lot for some of us 🙂  Take those shirts and reuse them by making them into rags for cleaning or a new bag (another *hint* *hint*). Tutorial to follow!


If you’ve made it this far, hopefully one or two of these suggestions might help change your thinking about how you can build some environmental stewardship into your day to day life. It doesn’t take much to make a big impact.



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